Harmony Cottages



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  • Harmony Cottages will be the largest development in Habitat for Humanity Fort Collins’ history. 
  • 48 new, energy efficient homes will be built over the next five years.
  • Will create stable and affordable housing for approximately 144 people. Estimated to consist of 86 children and 58 adults.
  • Built on 4.45 acres located at the southeast intersection of Harmony Road and Taft Hill Road.
  • With the housing crisis in Fort Collins, Habitat is a partner in the City’s strategic affordable housing plan. Habitat’s mission of building affordable housing has never been more important. This neighborhood will exceed the City’s Social Sustainability Departments’ goal of creating a site that is not only maximized density, but also is comprised that are high quality, affordable and accessible. The shared open green space also fits the priority of designing neighborhoods that encourage connection and community. Habitat’s ultimate goal is to create a world in which everyone has a decent, affordable place to live in dignity and safety. 
  • The design team created a modern urbanism framework with homes to best utilize the land and create beautiful spaces for homeowners to live. Great attention was given to the fine details of landscaping, lighting, signage, white picket fences and warm, inviting and usable porches.
  • The development maximizes density and green space, including park-like shared green courts and a designated pocket park, which will include a playground designed for children ages 5-12.
  • Over 40% of the site is green including landscape and open space. 


We need your help more that ever!

If you, your corporate group or faith organization would like to support, donate or volunteer at Harmony Cottages, please contact Josh McMullen at 970-488-2603 or JMcMullen@FortCollinsHabitat.org.