Foundation Club

Join The Foundation Club

The Foundation Club is a monthly giving program that makes a direct impact by empowering families with a strong foundation on which to build their lives; and strengthens our community connection while sustaining Habitat’s vital work in our community.

Your support as a member of our Foundation Club furthers the legacy of neighbors helping neighbors in our community.  By joining the Foundation Club, you provide Habitat with the necessary resources to build affordable homes in partnership with hard-working families in our community.

Habitat for Humanity works because of its partnership approach to housing.  Families in need of decent, affordable shelter partner with volunteers who want to make a difference as well as donors who have resources to share. Each individual contribution helps to create this lasting partnership.


Becoming a Foundation Club member is easy, and it makes a significant impact.

You can give any amount — $10, $15, $25 or even more — every month.  Regardless of the level of your gift, the consistent donations help us advance our mission.  When we know your support is coming, we can make plans to serve even more families in need of better housing.


Become a Foundation Club member and enjoy these great benefits:

  • Frequent updates on our progress together
  • Convenient monthly donations
  • Automatic donations from your checking account or credit card
  • Knowing your donation is put to work immediately
  • The ability to change or suspend your donation at any time
  • The knowledge that you have made a direct impact in families’ lives, changing the trajectory of their futures for many generations to come


I am a Foundation Builder. I would like to give!

There are 3 easy ways to become a Foundation Club member:

1.   I would like to give one-time or monthly online.
2.   Sign up by calling Sarah at (970) 488-2607.
3.   I would like to mail my gift. Please click on the image below, complete the form and include it with your donation.

Donations can be mailed to:

Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity
4001 S. Taft Hill Road
Fort Collins, CO 80526

Thank you for making a generational impact for hard-working families!

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Partnership & Hospitality

  • As a member of this club you will be invited to exclusive events for Foundation Club members.
  • You are able to attend Foundation Club Build Day- an invitation to join your fellow Foundation Club members for a special build day on the job site building alongside a Habitat Partner Family.
  • Invitation to Groundbreaking, Wall-Raising and Home Dedication Ceremonies.



  • In our monthly E-newsletter  (5,200+ subscriptions)

          * If you would prefer not to be visually recognized, please call Sarah at (970) 488-2607 to indicate your preferences.                                                             


Breaking It Down:

For the cost of a movie ticket or a few trips to your favorite coffee shop, you can make a generational impact. 

  •  $10 a month – $120 annually   
  •  $15 a month = $180 annually
  •  $35 a month = $420 annually
  •  $50 a month = $600 annually                                                          


To join the Builder’s Club now, please click here or contact Sarah Earle with questions at (970) 488-2607 or at


You are empowering partners families to break the cycle of poverty, such as the Loughrey family and the Cloud family.


Loughrey Family Loughrey_17_resize

“I know that our future just got a lot brighter, having the security of a nice place to continue raising my family brings me peace and joy that words cannot adequately express. I know that I have been richly blessed through the kindness of others. It is my greatest hope that through this wonderful experience, my children will see the power of faith and love at work, that they will understand this world is full of amazing people, and that they will be inspired to serve others as they are able.”

- The Loughrey family





Cloud Family


“Being selected as a Partner Family allows me to fulfill a dream, a dream I thought was out of my reach. I am very proud to be part of this extraordinary endeavor. These churches are not only building a house where my daughter and I can build our future, they are building our home. We are filled with hope, gratitude and encouragement.”

- The Cloud family




Meet all of our current partner families.





Foundation Builders BEWARE:

With increasing levels of investment, the rewards increase dramatically – Foundation Club members do more than buy the “bricks and sticks” and land for the house, they know the family, provide support for them, sweat alongside them and share their joy and hope for the future.  Habitat builds more than houses, Habitat builds lives.  This level of giving often changes the lives of all whose compassion flows from the heart to the hammer.