Thrivent Builds “Stone Soup” House

Sponsored by Thrivent Financial and Stone Soup faith organizations: Plymouth Congregational Church and Westminster Presbyterian Church.

Swift_dedication_Thrivent_wallraising 2

2016 Thrivent Stone Soup home

Thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate the hard work of the Strodtman family at their home dedication.

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The Stone Soup Story

Stone Soup is a story of abundance in what seems like a world of scarcity. In the story, a hungry soldier enters a village and nobody offers him food; they think that they don’t have enough to share. So the soldier has an idea. He says that there is enough, and proceeds to fill a cauldron with water, set it atop a fire, and drops in a stone. The curious villagers follow his lead, and each slowly add their little bits of food—cabbage, carrots, salted beef, etc. Before long, they have a delicious soup to share and everyone enjoys the feast.

Our Stone Soup build encourages the generosity of our faith partners to contribute—whatever amount of money or number of volunteers they have—to do what none of them could do alone: build a house. Everyone then shares in the joy of God’s abundance that brings people together to build homes, community and hope.

If you or your faith organization would like to get involved in a future Stone Soup build, please contact Erika Nossokoff, Faith and Global Engagement Manager, at or 970-488-2606.