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Sponsorship Opportunities


Builders Club provides recognition for those contributing financially and through in-kind donations of building supplies and skilled labor.  Key benefits below are for one year and each level is recognized on sign at construction site. Each Builders Club level includes Team Builds for employees.

Home Sponsor                                                                                                                                       Donation $100,000

  • Exclusive recognition as home sponsor
  • Volunteer positions throughout build (based on preferred schedule of home sponsor – up to 3 days per week)   
  • FCHFH logo for promotional use by the sponsor (Habitat for Humanity’s global brand is valued at $3.1 billion per a 2006 study by the nation’s leading brand researchers) 

Bricks and Sticks Sponsor                                                                                                                    Donation $50,000

  • Exclusive recognition as Bricks and Sticks Sponsor
  • Volunteer positions throughout half the build (1-2 build days per week) 

Raise the Roof Sponsor                                                                                                                         Donation $25,000

  • Exclusive recognition as Raise the Roof Sponsor
  • Volunteer positions throughout the build (10 total days)    

Wall Raiser Sponsor                                                                                                                              Donation $10,000

  • Recognition as Wall Raiser Sponsor
  • Volunteer positions throughout the build (4 total days)    

Hammer & Nail Sponsor                                                                                                                        Donation $7,500

  • Recognition as Hammer & Nail Sponsor
  • Volunteer positions throughout the build (3 total days)    

Nuts and Bolts Sponsor                                                                                                                         Donation $5,000

  • Recognition as Nuts & Bolts Sponsor
  • Volunteer positions throughout the build (2 total days)    

Team Build Sponsor                                                                                                                               Donation $2,500

Sponsors have the opportunity to select volunteer days that will be organized Team Build days for their employees. The experience will engage volunteers in construction activities that help develop an atmosphere of trust, confidence, and synergy and there are also special benefits on these days:

  • A Habitat for Humanity T-shirt and goodie bag
  • Lunch on the build site
  • A Team Build photograph with collectible frame 


Fort Collins Habitat for Humanity provides volunteer and team building opportunities, visibility, and partnership benefits to partners at all levels. Benefits above are greatly condensed. For the full Builders Club brochure contact Kristin Candella, Executive Director at or 488-2602.  Thank you for your support! 


Builders BEWARE: With increasing levels of investment, the rewards increase dramatically – Builders Club members do more than buy the “bricks and sticks” and the land for the house, they know the family, provide support for them, sweat alongside them and share their joy and hope for the future.  Habitat builds more than houses. Habitat builds lives.  This level of giving often changes the lives of all whose compassion flows from the heart to the hammer.